Structured data access to results, shown in a visually appealing way with DASHBOARDS


E-Tabs completed an interactive dashboard for Sponsorship Intelligence looking at brand awareness of the Champions and Europa Football Leagues. The project consisted of multiple screens and multiple waves of data – going back to 2009.


What is your name and position with your organisation?

Chris Dean, Senior Research Executive

Why did you decide to implement a dashboard?

Our client needed structured data access to the results from our tracker survey, with it shown in a visually appealing way. With 10 waves of research per year, our client needed to be able to track changes over time, and have the ability to filter on key interest groups. Creating a dashboard would meet this need, while displaying the data in an easy to use format.

What factors led you to choose E-Tabs as your Dashboard partner?

We had worked with E-Tabs previously on automated reporting and this had been a very positive experience. E-Tabs were able to show us examples of previous dashboards they had created, which were visually appealing and fit with the objectives of our client. The costs provided by E-Tabs were also very competitive, providing good value for money.

How did you find the process of design, build and implementation the dashboard with E-Tabs?

Overall the process was simple and ran very smoothly. We worked with E-Tabs to design the template of the dashboard, which was based on current reporting we do for our client. E-Tabs were able to match the dashboard layout very closely to this, using the same images and logos. As expected, there was some going back and forward to make adjustments to the layout and style, but E-Tabs were very responsive and quick to make changes. This was very important in keeping the project on track.

What challenges were overcome during the design and build process?

  • There were a few challenges we faced on the project, which E-Tabs dealt with efficiently. Firstly E-Tabs were able to liaise with our fieldwork agency to ensure the data was in a format they could use. They were also able to advise on the historical data we received from our client, to ensure this could be incorporated. It took some time from agreeing the project to actually receiving the data from our client, but E-Tabs kept the communication going throughout this initial set up stage.
  • One specific challenge for the dashboard was to allow for filtering by key groups, but ensure data was not shown among small base sizes. E-Tabs were able to work around this, creating a pop up text box and excluding the data in these specific cases.
  • Another challenge was to show several years of data in a visually appealing way. E-Tabs were proactive and suggested a way of working around this, by providing a tab to filter between data for the last 2 years, or the data for several years.

Please explain a bit about the technical details of the dashboard?

The number of users and their different accesses.

There is only one user access code, with access to view all data. This is currently only used by a small group of people.

The types of visualisations.

  • We included a front screen for the dashboard showing a series of dials for the key questions. This included a comparison between results from the previous wave and the previous season.
  • A second screen allows users to access the data from all questions in the survey. These are predominantly shown as line charts to fit in with our existing reporting and track data over time. Users have access to filter on key demographic groups, as well as various time period, allowing them to delve deeper into the data and identify trends over time.

The look and feel of the dashboard.

We required the dashboard to be similar in style to our current reporting. E-Tabs matched the dashboard to the style of our current reporting; using the same charts types, logos and colours. This was important to maintain consistency.

How have you found the E-Tabs support and communication?

E-Tabs have been very responsive and are always available to answer queries on the dashboard. When setting up the dashboard they were clear in their explanation of the information they required.

Did E-Tabs Dashboard meet and/or exceed your expectations?

Overall E-Tabs have met our expectations of the dashboard as it achieved the objectives required.

How has the dashboard benefited the stakeholder?

The dashboard has met the objectives, by allowing our client direct access to the survey data, and therefore benefiting them.

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