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Case Study: Ipsos Mori, United Kingdom

Who are we?

As independent, market research professionals, Ipsos Mori spans 43 countries with particular strength in Europe, North America, Latin America and the Middle East. They are the second largest market research company in the United Kingdom, with more than 900 staff, and are currently experiencing significant organic growth. Ipsos MORI Uk implemented E-Tabs Enterprise.


Up until 2004, Ipsos MORI manually produced our research reports. It goes without saying that this was an inefficient process and through a period of exponential growth, the sheer volume of work and expectations of our clients drove us to look for better solutions. We reviewed various automation offers, however many of these required specialist programming skills, trained staff (hence higher overheads), greater set-up time and generally suited larger agencies – certainly not us!

E-Tabs Enterprise proved different to the run-of-the-mill solutions on offer.

It offered:

  • Flexibility & scalability
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Minimal, or no programming required
  • Great for practically all standard requirements, and some non-standard
  • No specialist knowledge needed – hence lower overheads
  • Wider user-base X 1st class technical support & training
  • Ideal for small & large agencies alike

The biggest deciding factor was the cost. It was more expensive than other Market Research software – was it worth it?

After the implementation of E-Tabs in our company, we can confirm that the rewards far outweigh the initial outlay. These are a few examples of how we’ve recovered our investment in E-Tabs again, and again, and again.

Excel management summaries:

  • Results on 72 survey questions
  • Variable number of comparator departments
  • Normative & historical data
  • Approx 250 reports

Manual Processing:

  • Admin staff daily rate = £450
  • 90mins to enter figures and check each report
  • Man-time cost per report approx £100
  • Total cost = £25,000

Using Enterprise:

  • Tech staff daily rate = £550
  • 2 days to setup
  • 5 days processing & checking
  • Total cost = £3,850

Cost saving = £21,150 / Mantime saving = 46 days

Word topline document:

  • Approx 200 questions
  • 70 page topline document
  • 40 reports
  • Interim and final toplines

Manual Processing:

  • Admin staff daily rate = £450
  • Approx 1 day per report to enter and check figures
  • Total cost = £36,000, doubled because process has to be run twice

Using Enterprise:

  • Tech staff daily rate = £550
  • 4 days to setup X 5 days processing & checking
  • 3 days subsequent processing &  checking
  • Total cost = £6,600

Key benefits experienced using E-Tabs Enterprise:

  • Efficient automated reporting, saving time and money
  • Current resources can easily learn software
  • Reliable technical support & training
  • Flexibility to automate multitude of studies, standard and some non-standard
  • Easy-to-use without programming skills
  • No specialist knowledge needed – hence lower overheads

Vaughn Ravenscroft, Chief Information & Development Officer

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