E-Tabs GRAPHIQUE is like a machete in the data jungle

Kantar Millward Brown

Company Background

Kantar Millward Brown is one of the world’s leading research agencies in the fields of advertising, marketing communications and brand equity research. They’ve been in the industry for over 40 years, with 88 offices in 58 countries. They work with 90% of the top 100 global brands.

Business Challenges

Daniel Weiss, Client Deliverables Executive explains that Millward Brown is dealing with big data in their daily business and they receive a large volume of ad-hoc presentations and requests with large data sets. These ad-hoc requests are time intensive and require frequent switching between Excel and PowerPoint to produce the presentations. The copy & paste process and complexity of data tables can impact on both accuracy and speed.

We prepare PowerPoint presentations every day. Ad hoc requests are time intensive, but have to be done very fast. Quality and speed are big issues”, says Weiss.

On top of this the requests need to adhere to tight deadlines further amplifying the quality and speed issues.

Reduction of complexity of data tables, quality and speed are the most important needs”, says Weiss. Therefore Millward Brown needed a tool to help to easily navigate large amounts of data and to facilitate quick and accurate production of ad-hoc presentations.

Software Solution

Graphique is a charting and reporting tool embedded within PowerPoint adding market research specific functionality directly in PowerPoint. This enables users to produce presentations quickly, easily and accurately by placing all the necessary functionality in a single application.

The result is no need to switch between Excel and PowerPoint, and eliminating the need to copy and paste data. Furthermore the Filter Designer function provides a way to clean up data tables to show only the data you need to chart. Filters can be saved and reused to further reduce data exploration time and increase data reporting quality.

Outcomes & Benefits

Weiss explains how E-Tabs Graphique has effectively dealt with all the business challenges they were faced with, beginning with the issue of data navigation, speed and quality –

Graphique helped us to speed up projects. The filter designer helps me to minimize the complexity of tables and saved filters for special projects save time. The quality increases, because you see only chosen rows or columns. This way mistakes can be minimized.”He further adds, “For me, E-Tabs Graphique is like a machete in the data jungle.”

When it comes to timely production of presentations and ad-hoc requests he mentions,

Graphique is an ad on for PowerPoint, so presentations and tables are all in one and jumping between is not necessary. We deliver services faster and changes can be done with small effort. My team discovered more and more options, which helped us the handle the amount of projects better.

Graphique therefore solved their issues of quick and accurate production of ad-hoc presentations and requests. Weiss added, “It exceeded my expectations very much and made my work easier.

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