“We worked collaboratively to develop the best DASHBOARD solution”

Circle Research

When Circle Research approached E-Tabs in regards to the development of an engaging, thought-leadership driven market research dashboard for their client, it was a collaborative approach and careful planning which lead to a successful deployment.

Andrew Circle Research

Andrew Dalglish, Circle Research

In this case study we talk to Andrew Dalglish, Director of Circle Research about the journey we took together from initial idea to satisfied client.

The Business Case

“We regularly partner with clients to create research led thought-leadership and we’re always looking for new and improved ways to share this content. For this particular client we had a great global story to tell in a report, and with over one thousand responses collected worldwide we also wanted to let people explore the results specific to their industry or geography. A dashboard seemed like the perfect solution.

With thought-leadership projects we’re always trying to drive engagement: engagement with the results and engagement with the client. So with this project we wanted to introduce an interactive, fun and insightful way for the audience to interact with the content. We also wanted it to have longevity and to be used in a day-to-day business context.”

The PartnershipCircle & E-Tabs Partnership

“Working in a partnership is really important to us. Our business model is based around a promise to deliver quality and we do whatever it takes to achieve this. We don’t haggle over details or settle for ‘good enough’; we always want to leave our clients delighted. From the start it was clear that E-Tabs shared this approach. They always had time to chat about the objectives and project aims, and throughout we worked collaboratively to develop the best solution.


We had an initial idea of what we wanted the final deliverable to be like and then we worked extensively with E-Tabs early-on to refine the structure and visual approach.”

The Challenges

“We had a huge amount of information that we wanted to be able to share without becoming overwhelming. We therefore had to think carefully about how to create the structure for the dashboard so that it was intuitive and simple to navigate. The large chunk of this challenge was solved up-front with detailed design work, but we also had to be agile throughout to respond and adapt.

The aim of the project was to engage as many people as possible and so the number of users runs into the thousands. Everyone has the same access level and it’s very simple to access (the dashboard doesn’t even require a password). However, to increase value to the client we housed the dashboard behind a data capture page on their website so that they could gain valuable prospect details.”

The Dashboard

“The majority of the data was displayed in simple charts. We had lots of data that we wanted to be able to communicate quickly and simply, including allowing the audience to cut the results by a number of different parameters. We played around with a few visualisation ideas but ultimately decided that a quite simple visual layout was most effective for allowing the audience to hit the ground running. Sometimes simple is also best!

The dashboard is grouped into a series of ‘chapters’ and within each chapter there are different ‘pages’ each typically containing 2 to 4 visuals. At the top of each page we then have a series of filters by which the results can be refined. It’s a very intuitive and simple to navigate layout.”

Working with E-Tabs

“Working with E-Tabs has been great. We can always pick up the phone to chat through an idea. We share the same philosophy that it’s delivering a great end result that matters. Once you agree on that, getting there becomes a lot easier!

The E-Tabs Dashboard absolutely exceeded our expectations. We’ve got a great dashboard that’s driving engagement and E-Tabs have been supportive throughout”

Stakeholder Benefits and Outcomes

“The dashboard has really helped to raise the client profile and generate leads. From collecting thousands of prospect contact details via a data capture page, to generating wider business awareness by users integrating the client-branded dashboard into their internal meetings and presentations, the dashboard has helped to secure the client’s position as a thought-leader and drive high-level business engagement.”

– Andrew Dalglish, Circle Research

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Company Backgrounds

Circle Research is the B2B market research expert. Their mission is to uncover hidden truths about a client’s target market and then help them translate these into marketing and commercial success.

E-Tabs has been providing cutting edge data visualization and reporting solutions to the market research industry for over 20 years. They help businesses all over the globe boost their productivity by making the process of producing their reports and visualizations quick, simple and cost effective.

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