How E-Tabs Enterprise Benefits Smaller Companies

Bonamy Finch

Case Study: Bonamy Finch Ltd

Who are we?

Formed in 2005, Bonamy Finch provides advanced analytical services to the market research industry. We specialise in segmentation, brand & retention modelling, and pricing/portfolio optimization. We work as a technical resource for small- and medium-sized research agencies, providing analytics and consultancy. We also work directly with well-known end clients and are currently a team of 11 senior researchers. Here we outline a couple of examples of how we have used E-Tabs to deliver efficiently for one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers.

Brand Tracker:

Monthly tracking of key brands in 18 markets, with around 42,000 interviews per year.

We provide a live web-based reporting system, supplemented with fixed reporting structure provided via E-Tabs Enterprise:

  • 18 country based quarterly reports – KPI charts
  • Brand focus reports – KPI charts focussed on specific brands
  • Management summaries – Mixture of charts and automated text with significance testing.

We estimate that the set-up process and the first wave of fixed reports combined have needed less exec time than a purely manual process. However, the significant cost benefits will be seen in future quarters – even accounting for changes to the deliverables.

Error-free, standardised reports can be delivered very efficiently to our client, enabling them to make key strategic decisions at the right time.

Media Profiling:

Media profiling in 8 markets across Europe.

Delivery of individual segment reports, per country, plus a segment summary report. E-Tabs Enterprise was set up on interim data with final reports delivered very shortly after fieldwork finished.

  • In terms of work hours, it is estimated that the E-Tabs approach saved 60% compared to a ‘manual’ process
  • Cosmetic changes were implemented much faster
  • The setup allowed individual segment reports to be easily created from one master template

Why should smaller companies use E-Tabs Enterprise?

We like to provide clients with tailor-made, visually-engaging reporting solutions. Automated charting with E-Tabs Enterprise enables us to deliver such reports but in a timely and accurate fashion. We think about automation for every project to enable us to continue to provide great service at a great price:

  • Large studies with fast, intensive reporting periods are now feasible – large teams of execs are no longer a requisite
  • Smaller businesses with more senior-focused teams can more effectively use their time & knowledge to provide a more insightful end product – less time charting, more time where we can make a real difference.
  • We don’t rely on large tracking studies as other, larger companies – which means we can apply the benefits of E-Tabs Enterprise imaginatively to smaller, but no less repetitive, tasks


Enterprise helps us to continue to deliver great value to our clients – enabling us to more effectively use our time on advanced analytics and insight generation, as well as helping us to keep our costs down. Not only is E-Tabs Enterprise a great product, it’s always improving and also comes with such fantastic service and support.

Paul Jackson, Head of Advanced Analytics, Bonamy Finch Ltd

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