“E-Tabs was the resounding voice of being the industry leader”

Case Study: Gongos Research

Who are we?

Gongos Research is a market research company founded by John Gongos in 1991.  Once specializing in consumer research for the automotive sector, Gongos has expanded into a multifaceted, technology-strong organization of over 100 employees with headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI. While maintaining a strong foothold in the automotive industry, Gongos began to diversify into other disciplines including consumer products, retail, financial and lifestyle technologies as early as 1999.

Business challenges:

Faced with several exceptionally data-intensive, tracking format systematic reports, Gongos began to consider the benefits of automated reporting.

Laura Muczynski, Gongos’ Account Manager, explains, “We were encountering the same data-intensive study design on a recurring basis, feeling that same frustration over and over. We knew there had to be a better way.”

Several employees had used E-Tabs in previous companies and recommended its software. Gongos grasped that using E-Tabs’ specialized market research tools would open the door to opportunities for previously infeasible projects. After intensive research by Gongos’ IT department, the management was clearly decided.

“E-Tabs was the resounding voice of being the industry leader,” Muczynski explains. “There didn’t appear to be anyone on our radar that had the same kind of capabilities. After exploring all the options out there, all roads led back to E-Tabs.”

Software Solutions:

E-Tabs enabled Gongos to increase the scope and magnitude of its research analyses. Brandon Benvenuti,  Senior Project Director at Gongos, describes a recent project that would not have been feasible before employing E-Tabs’ automated PowerPoint solutions. A study entailed tracking several hundred automotive features across six countries, multiple times per year, over a period of several years. Querying thousands of repeated questions, manually entering results and generating charts was simply not a viable option.

“Without coming up with some sort of solution, there wouldn’t have been any way for us to do the project,” Benvenuti asserts.

According to senior management, Gongos still has a way to go in maximizing the full potential inherent in E-Tabs’ research tools.  Gongos is currently researching a plan to develop flexible E-Tab shells for structurally similar projects. Another goal is to move from exclusive tracking study to one-off use.


From a global perspective, Gongos maintains that since incorporating E-Tabs, it has gained both financially and from increased research capabilities.

Muczynski says, “The more we use it, the more we see opportunities to use it, and the greater the comfort will be with what it can do and how it can do it efficiently. E-Tabs gives us the opportunity to do work that we would not have considered in the past, opening new opportunities for us, making work more enjoyable, giving us a certain level of confidence in what we’re providing. We feel confident that it has been very beneficial from a financial perspective.”

She concludes, “The more that we use it, the more we love it!”

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