VERIFY – Automated Table Checking


A revolution in market research, Verify automates the quality-checking of your cross-tabs, leaving you free to concentrate on the real business of research. Eliminate the time consuming, error-prone manual checking process and ensure your research tables are always 100% correct – just as your clients would expect!


Time consuming and error prone manual spot-checking of data tables are now a thing of the past as E-Tabs Verify automates the quality-checking of your cross-tabs. A full library of pre-installed checks and the ability to design your own checks means you can check your entire data set in a matter of seconds, with just the click of a mouse. Complete accuracy in a split-second! Thats why this software won the Market Research Society UK Award for Technology Efficiency.

Seek and Destroy

Unlike manual spot-checking where only some of the cells of your tables are checked, E-Tabs Verify table checking will check every single number in your tables so there is nowhere to hide for errors. And to make it easy to correct any errors you may find there is an interactive error report making it simple to locate and explore the check results. Or you can export the full set of results to an easy-to-read Excel report and send it to your DP team to make the relevant coding changes.


“But we do customised checks so this won’t work for us.” Yes it will – the Verify check designer allows you to easily create any type of data check you currently do – no matter how complex – and save these checks in a library to be used on other studies or by other staff. What about hole counts? Verify can check against those too. You can even check multiple tab-sets. It really is this powerful.

Data Input

Verify can check tables from any commercial cross-tabulation package, including SPSS, Quantum, Mentor, Wincross, Uncle, Q, you name it! Even if you have your own DP package, if you can get your data into Excel you can get it into Verify to be checked, quickly and easily.