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E-Tabs have created a way to get you from tables to charts at breakneck speed, helping you to easily find and present the story buried within your research data. Graphique charting software is embedded within PowerPoint meaning you are working in a familiar environment yet with more power, speed and flexibility than ever before.


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Say NO to Copy & Paste

By importing data tables directly into your PowerPoint presentation you are able to quickly and simply select and filter data from multiple sources and instantly see that data visualized in a PowerPoint object – such as a chart or table. All the required charting elements are at your fingertips so no more switching from Excel to PowerPoint and no more Copy & Paste! Imagine that.

Key Features

Object Library

Do you use the same or similar charts over and over again? Of course you do. So why not save your chart styles and easily use them whenever you need? Well with Graphique you can. The Object Library is a place to save all the different chart and table styles you use in your projects, including the position and formatting, and share these between teams. Whether grouped by client, project, or study type, using Graphique means the right chart style is always just a click away. Easy peasy.

Data Filtering

Only want to show percentages in your data tables? No problem. Want to remove blank rows? Simple. Want to round up all decimals? You got it. Data filtering allows you to clean up your data tables to show only the data you want to chart so you don’t have to search around for the figures you need. Find the treasure without the hunt!

Ranking & Sorting

Ever tried to sort a table directly in PowerPoint? That’s right, you can’t. How about sorting a chart in PowerPoint but ensuring your key brand is always listed first? Forget about it. However with Graphique charting software you can perform market research savvy sorting such as these. And directly within PowerPoint! Graphique – where have you been all my life?!!

The Graphique Studio – Expanding the Possibilities

Just like an artist, The Studio is where we can be creative by allowing us to create add-ons which expand the functionality of Graphique. This helps you, and your data visualization, work in more and varied ways. Is there something you wished Graphique could do? Well then you should tell us, as your vision might be the next Graphique masterpiece.


The first add-on into the Studio is ‘Slides’ which allows you to batch produce multiple slides using a simple drag-and-drop slide designer. Choose your questions, choose your objects, click “Run” and watch the magic unfold – a whole project done in minutes. Perfect for ‘over charting’ or repetitive slides in a report.


We know market research loves statistical significance so we have developed an add-on to make it easy to test your data tables for significance directly within PowerPoint. Or perhaps you wish there is a statistical row in your tables, such as Mean or Standard Deviation? Just a few clicks in ‘Stats’ and voilà! Stat lovers rejoice.


Refresh allows you to update all your charts and tables from a new data source with one click of a button. So should there be any unexpected errors in your data tables, you can update a report with ease.


Our latest addition to the Studio is an incredibly powerful tool which allows you to conditionally format the look and feel of your presentations. It provides the ability to alter PowerPoint objects (such as chart properties) based upon a single, or set, of rules.


Key Features

Filtering & Filter Library

Create, save and share filters to quickly isolate the numbers you need.

Object Library

Create, save, reuse and share your specially designed, positioned and formatted objects.


MR-savvy sorting directly within PowerPoint (clients brand at top, “don’t know” at the bottom etc, handles sig letters).

Intelligent Replace

If you have pre-existing presentations, Graphique will automatically bring in the correct data based on the data labels.

The Studio: Functionality Add-ons


Batch produces your slides across cuts of data.


Perform statistical testing on your tables directly in PowerPoint.


Update data in charts with a new data source with one click.


Conditionally format PowerPoint objects based on conditions or rules.

Additional Features

  • Work with multiple data source files
  • Share all libraries across teams
  • Flip the axis of charts, tables and embedded excel
  • Bring sig letters into chart data labels
  • Bring the base values (sample sizes) into charts and tables in your desired format
  • Save the PowerPoint presentation directly to your sky drive account
  • Add new rows/columns of data to charts and tables with the ability to match the data point into the correct position

Data Input Formats

  • XLS / XLSX
  • CSV / TSV
  • XML (SPSS, WinCross, Askia, PulsarWeb)
  • MTD (Dimensions)
  • ZTE / ZTEX / EXL  (E-Tabs formats)

Technical Requirements

  • Works with PowerPoint 2007 service pack 2 and above
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.
  • Available in both 32 and 64 bit
  • What are the differences between Graphique and Enterprise?
    Graphique is designed to assist in the creation of one-off or ad-hoc style reports/studies. Enterprise is a full-scale report automation tool for large, ongoing or repetitive studies. If you would like to know which tool will best suit your needs then please get in contact and our consultants will be glad to advise.
  • What are the advantages of using Graphique over copy and paste?
    The copy and paste process is both limited in its application and can be a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone process for researchers. Aside from creating tables and charts much quicker than copy & paste, Graphique also eliminates the issue of human error, allows the user to work within a single window (rather than having both PowerPoint & Excel open), provides instant sorting, filters data, builds libraries of pre-formatted charts, brings significance letters into chart labels, batch produces numerous charts and much, much more.
  • Does Graphique work with my corporate/client slide templates, pallets and designs?
    Yes. Graphique works with all of your existing PowerPoint presentations, corporate designs and slide templates etc, so there is no need to redesign your current outputs.
  • What data source files can I use?
    Graphique can import any Excel or CSV data tables (aggregated data). It can also bring in XML files (from tab packages), MTD files from SPSS Dimensions as well as E-Tabs ZTE format. We are consistently developing Graphique to work with additional file types, as well as working from raw data files.
  • Do my data tables need to have a specific structure to use Graphique?
    We are very flexible with the structure of the data tables. We know that everyone’s tables are different and we can accommodate most structures. If you feel your tables are of a very unique structure and would like to check if they are suitable you can contact us at graphique@e-tabs.com
  • Can I use multiple data sets?
    Yes. You can quickly toggle between different data sets, and remember that for each data set Graphique can create a table of contents to make navigating the questions even quicker and easier.
  • What versions of PowerPoint can Graphique run in?
    Graphique will work in all versions of PowerPoint from 2007 (SP2+) onwards.
  • Does Graphique run on Mac version of PowerPoint?
    Graphique currently only works within a Windows environment.
  • Can I bring sig letters into objects?
    Yes. Graphique can automatically bring existing significance letters into objects, saving you vast amounts of time compared to the traditional manual method.
  • Can I automatically place the base numbers into objects?
    Yes, you can automatically match the bases and place them into the object in question.
  • How does licensing work?
    Graphique is licensed as an annual, per-user licence. Discounts are available for multiple licences. There are additional add-ons which can be purchased separately, with each licence treated individually, meaning multiple licences do not have to have the same add-ons etc.
  • What is the learning curve with Graphique?
    Graphique is intuitive and simple to use and being embedded within PowerPoint means you're working in a familiar working environment.
  • What support is available?
    Near 24 hour support is available at no charge with every purchase of Graphique. We have offices in the UK, North America and Asia Pacific so we are available through the various time zones when necessary either by phone, email and webex. Online help is also available via our E-Tabs University, including video tutorials which demonstrate the functionalities of the tool.
  • Where can I find out more information or book a demo of Graphique?
    To find out more information or to book a Graphique demo, please email us at
    graphique@e-tabs.com and one of our team will be in touch to answer any questions you have or organise a demonstration.