Viz-Fest Call for Speakers


Viz-Fest is back in October 2016 for another week long festival of insight and visual communications and we are inviting you to speak!

Viz-Fest is the annual online webinar series, brought to you by Keen as Mustard and E-Tabs, that explores communications and visualization for data, research and insights. Last year experts from Pinterest, eBay, Kantar, Lightspeed GMI, E-Tabs and Keen as Mustard came together over four days to investigate story-telling, infographics and great insight communications.

In 2016 we’re throwing open the doors to invite the industry to submit presentations for this year’s Viz-Fest event. If you have something interesting, new and different to say about any aspect of visual communications in research we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for presentation proposals on the following:

• Branding and visual identity – these could be case studies, insight on how to make branding work or ideas for future brands
• Visual communications – this can be anything from infographics to colour theory to semiotics
• Data visualization – this could be innovative approaches and mediums for presenting research data in an engaging manner, impact of good visualization on decision making
• Visual survey design – how to make surveys visually interesting and engaging
• Stakeholder and client communications – deliverables and PowerPoint. How do you communicate your research findings to colleagues to have maximum impact?
• New technologies – are there great new systems or technologies out there that can help us communicate really well that we are not using or don’t know about yet?

To submit a proposal for Viz-Fest 2016 send us a 300 word (maximum) outline of your presentation to by 1st August.

Tell us why you should be featured. Be sure to include your name, company and contact details. You can sign up to receive more information and check out last year’s presentations below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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