Super Mario Spreadsheet Brothers

Video of the Month

We thought we were Excel whizzes until we saw this…

Super Mario Bros video game – in a spreadsheet!

Yep you read that right. Someone has re-created the first level of Super Mario in a spreadsheet! Sadly it’s not a playable game but a stop-motion animation complete with the games iconic sounds.

Imagine the hours of work it must’ve taken to complete – if you look at the calendar in the bottom right corner you’ll see it was produced over the course of a month. Now, the big question is…. Could we automate this spreadsheet? Well only the Bureau Reporting Team could answer that.

Prefer your video game simulations to be less spreadsheet and more furry feet? Here’s a cuter take on the Super Mario game.


You can find the original Mario Spreadsheet video here.

And the Hamster Mario here.



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