The Flexibility of the Octopus

Video of the Month

Following on from last month’s video on the speed of the cheetah, this month we’re featuring another of our data viz animals – the octopus.

Our data viz octopus represents flexibility. As everyone knows an octopus is extremely flexible; with no bones it is able to easily bend and move and fit into any space, as demonstrated in this video from The National Geographic. Watch as it squeezes effortlessly through a hole the size of a quarter!

We are also very flexible, in terms of understanding the unique and changing demands of market research, and can handle any project you throw our way.

But that’s not the only similarity we have with the octopus. Like us the octopus is highly intelligent and can blend in to its surroundings, just like how we seamlessly blend into your research reporting projects, becoming an extension to your team.

Watch the flexible octopus in action below –

See the video here.

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