#MRXplained – The Alternate Market Research Glossary


Market research can be a confusing industry at times but we’re here to untangle the day-to-day terms we face in the industry – in a light hearted way.

We’re launching our Alternate Market Research Glossary which will gather together humours definitions of common market research terms. Things like:

Open Ended Question – Forgetting to write the question mark

We will be posting each new glossary entry via Twitter using the hashtag #MRXplained and will accept submission from the wider Market Research / #mrx community. So if you have a funny interpretation of an MR term then send it to us for consideration via Twitter or Email (marketing@e-tabs.com) and don’t forget to include your (or your company’s) social media details so we can reference you.

And remember to follow us on Twitter and keep up with the #MRXplained hashtag.

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