Introducing Graphique 3.0

Introducing Graphique 3.0 – the latest version of Graphique

Have you ever tried to ‘find and replace’ within your PowerPoint charts only to discover it’s not possible? Well with Graphique 3.0 now you can! Graphique’s ‘Find & Replace’ can look inside charts, tables, textboxes and embedded excel allowing you to find mistakes and quickly replace them.

What if you find the weighting of your data is incorrect? With Graphique ‘Refresh’ Studio add-on you can update the charts, tables and textboxes in your report with the click of a button. ‘Refresh’ also allows you to build your reports using interim data and quickly update the entire report once you have the final set of data, great for when there’s a tight turnaround time between data collection and report delivery.

With the ‘Statistics’ Studio add-on you can quickly add statistical rows to your tables and charts, such as mean, standard deviation, nets and many more. With ‘Statistics’ you can also stat-test your tables and charts using one of the many built-in stat tests such as T-tests or independent percent’s.

This is just a snippet of what the new Graphique 3.0 can do and it’s available to all existing and new clients. To upgrade email or for more information about Graphique or view a demo click here.

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