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Independent research consultants need to find efficiency in their research projects just as critically (or even more so) than traditional agencies. With super-tight project margins and timelines, every penny and every minute counts!

Charting and reporting takes up considerable time and resource in the research process, so it makes sense to utilise tools and services to facilitate this step. As such we’re partnering with the ICG (Independent Consultants Group) by offering huge savings on our instant PowerPoint charting tool, E-Tabs Graphique. This tool is perfect for the researcher doing occasional or ad-hoc charting as being embedded within PowerPoint means it is quick and easy to master, and dramatically increases charting speed, accuracy and design consistency.

We’re hosting a special webinar exclusively for ICG members on Thursday 6th July at 10:30am UK time. We will be demonstrating Graphique and explaining how we can efficiently help complete your research reporting. If you’re an ICG member you can join that webinar here.

If you’re a researcher but not an ICG member and looking to add efficiency to your reporting, you can find out more about Graphique here, or you can request a personalised meeting/demonstration by filling out the for at the bottom of the page.

If you are an independent consultant and are interested in becoming an ICG member, you can find out more and apply here.

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