When Great Gets Better – The New Enterprise Version

The new Enterprise version.

We’ve upgraded Enterprise, our multiple-award-winning report automation tool to make it even better! And with the huge amount of new clients signing up to quick, easy and accurate reporting recently, things have never looked better for this industry champion.

For those who don’t know Enterprise is a report automation solution for your market research studies with the aim of ‘one click’ reporting (or as close as possible).

But at E-Tabs great isn’t enough; we’re always striving for improvements to make the process of producing market research reports as efficient and easy as possible, and the latest version has some exciting new features that do just that!

A few of these features include-

  • More options for source files – for example the ability to use Wincross XML and IBM Survey Reporter MTD files directly without having to convert them to ZTE or Excel, making the process easier and more efficient.
  • Usability improvements – such as the Item Paste Tool now has an option for “next available item number” and the version release notes are accessible online.
  • New Rule actions and options – new rules include ‘insert rows/columns’ and ‘Merge Cells’ allowing you to merge both horizontal and vertical cells with native PowerPoint tables.

This is a mere summary of the improvements! If you’d like a demonstration or more information then please visit our Enterprise Page.

If you’re a current user of the software and would like more information about improvements and changes please contact our support team here.

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