Graphique Love

Graphique Love

Of course we’re very proud of the things we achieve here at E-Tabs…

But we try to keep it pretty humble and let our software and services do the talking. However it is pretty hard not to somewhat swell with pride when others out there in Market-Research-land take the time to say good things about us, just because they want to. We recently stumbled across a couple of articles sharing some positive feedback regarding our new instant charting software, Graphique and we thought we would share them with you.

The first comes from the delightful Alisa Hamilton from Harvest Insights, as part of her blog post, “3 MR Tools You Should Be Using”. Now that a pretty strong endorsement before the first paragraph has even begun don’t you think?

The second is from those innovative insight community guys over at icanmakeitbetter in their blog post entitled, “We Heart Graphique”. And we heart the title!

We greatly appreciate the kind words and much love back. Aww it’s getting a tad emotional in here.

If you’d like to see what E-Tabs Graphique, the instant charting tool for Market Research can do then simply click here to find out more. You can even book a personalised demonstration from that page if you like.

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