Enterprise Beta

At E-Tabs we’re always striving for improvements to ensure our software is the best it can be.

We’re rather proud of the last Enterprise version we released, but there’s always room for improvement.
On that note the latest Enterprise Beta (version is now available for download. We’ve tested it ourselves but it would be great if you, our super clients have your say.

The Beta versions includes several new features such as –

• Applying table actions on chart data sheets – Since the release of Office2007, we have seen Enterprise users treating chart data sheets more and more like tables. Therefore this new feature allows users to apply actions normally applied to tables so far to be applied on chart datasheets.
• Using rules to apply formatting on specific part of the text – Set of options available to format specific part of the text by turning on/off bolding, underlining, italics, superscript, subscript.
• Ability to run ObjectFlow before COM rules – An option to make the object tool more flexible by allowing users to run object flow either before or after COM rules.
• Case sensitive rule tests – An option is available to make search for text, such as stat letters, case sensitive.

We’d love our current Enterprise users to give us some much needed feedback and suggestions and help us get rid of any nasty bugs that may still be lingering before the next full release.

Go on don’t be shy, request the Enterprise Beta (version here.

Alternatively if you’re new to the multiple-award-winning report automation tool find out more here.

We hope you’re looking forward to our next official Enterprise release in late April.

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