E-Tabs Launch New Data Viz Blog

DA Blog

Data Visualization Blog launched by DV Software Firm

E-Tabs launch a new blog focusing on Data Visualization and Dashboard design.

September 2, 2014 – London, UK – E-Tabs, the award winning provider of Market Research data visualization, charting and automated reporting solutions, announces the launch of their new data visualization design blog.

Lead by their Data Visualization and Dashboard Design team the blog will explore a range of topics and subjects from the data viz realm, with a strong focus on the application within the market research industry. Posts will be a mixture of original and referenced content and will cover topics such as good design examples, interactive dashboards, design theories and new innovations.

“In recent times the importance placed on data visualization design has quite rightly increased significantly” says Ken Brewster, Director of Data Visualization at E-Tabs. “With this has come many different theories and schools of thought regarding DV. Our blog will explore this new world, hopefully providing a valuable, interesting and entertaining resource for market researchers, data designers and DV enthusiasts.”

The blog will be updated regularly and can be accessed at http://www.e-tabs.com/dv-blog/.

About E-Tabs

Since 1993, E-Tabs’ portfolio of innovative market research tools has helped clients slash costs and streamline essential MR reporting processes. Their award-winning ‘Enterprise’ report automation solution enables population of reports directly from data tables, ‘Graphique’ a PowerPoint based ad hoc charting tool, their dynamic ‘Dashboard’ product is designed to deal with the complexities of MR data, and the revolutionary automated table-checking solution, ‘Verify’, checks frequencies, percentages, hole counts and more in minutes while also highlighting suspicious results and pinpointing errors.  See www.e-tabs.com for more information.


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