E-Tabs are finalists for an MRS / ASC Award

We’re finalists for the MRS / ASC Award for Technology & Innovation Effectiveness, for our instant charting tool Graphique.

The award, organised by the ASC in association with the MRS, is for innovative, outstanding technology or software which has been demonstrated to be effective in the market. And we’re finalists for our instant charting tool Graphique.

We’re the only company to win the award twice and now we’re going for a third year. Not only that but we’ve also been nominated five times before.

Here’s a full list of our success with the award:

  • 2015 nomination for Graphique
  • 2011 winner for Verify
  • 2008 nomination for Enterprise
  • 2006 nomination for Autograph
  • 2004 winner for Enterprise

This year’s winners will be announced at the MRS Awards Dinner in London on 7th December. We’ll be there, with our glad rags on, eagerly awaiting the results.

To find out more about Graphique can help you speed up your reporting process click here.

See more about the award click here.

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