Best in Show Awards Quirks Events 2017

We had a great time at both Quirks Events this year and it seems we weren’t the only ones.

This year attendees were asked to choose the best-in-show winners in the categories of highest rated presentation, favourite event experience, most appealing exhibit space and best overall exhibitor.

The votes and been counted and verified and… we’re extremely proud to have won!!

We won the award for the most appealing exhibit space for Quirks Brooklyn, along with several honourable mentions; favourite events experience and best overall exhibitor at Quirks Brooklyn and Favourite event experience at Quirks Orange County.

At both events we had a designated beverage station for those in need of refreshment, plus a skeeball game with a leaderboard and an exclusive trophy for the winner. Our #ETabsZoo competition had people scouring the conference halls for our dataviz animal tokens, which people reported was a great ice breaker. You can see some of the fun via the #ETabsZoo hastag on Twitter or some photos from the events on our Facebook page.

The full list of winners can be seen here.

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