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  • Quirks 2018

    It’s not long to go till the first event of the year and we can’t wait! The Quirks Events have quickly become THE EVENT for market research in the USA. And it is now fully… read more
  • Missed Viz-Fest 2017?

    Earlier this month was the third annual Viz-Fest digital conference. David Glickman – All about icons With over two and a half thousand registrations, Viz-Fest is as popular as ever. The four-day webinar series on… read more
  • Viz-Fest 2017

    Viz-Fest, the four-day online festival of insight and visual communications, returns this October and registration is now open. And best yet – it’s completely free to register and attend! The festival will include presentations from… read more
  • Speak at Viz-Fest 2017

    Viz-Fest is back for a third year running. The four day online event of insight and visual communications returns this October and before registration goes live we are inviting you to present. We are looking… read more
  • ICG Partnership

    Independent research consultants need to find efficiency in their research projects just as critically (or even more so) than traditional agencies. With super-tight project margins and timelines, every penny and every minute counts! Charting and… read more
  • Best in Show Awards Quirks Events 2017

    We had a great time at both Quirks Events this year and it seems we weren’t the only ones. This year attendees were asked to choose the best-in-show winners in the categories of highest rated… read more
  • Quirks 2017 Summary

    We had a double whammy this year with two huge Quirks Events – now the leading market research and insights tradeshow events in the USA. The first ever Quirks Event West was held in Irvine,… read more
  • Insight 17 Summary

    Insight 2017 joined forces with marketing Week Live. After a few years as a separate show, Insight 17 ran alongside Marketing Week Live once again, creating the biggest industry meet in the UK with a… read more
  • Insight 2017

    The largest marketing and research industry event in the UK is back! This year The Insight Show is part of Marketing Week Live once again with a full agenda of research insight content and exhibitions.… read more
  • Quirk’s Events 2017

    We’re already looking forward to our first events of 2017 – The Quirks Event x 2! For the first time The Quirks Event will be held in both the East and the West Coast, and… read more