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  • E-Tabs Gone Wild

    No, not that kind of wild – we went into the wilderness to learn bushcraft, and get back in tune with nature. We were led by a bushcraft master and went foraging, learned firecraft, and… read more
  • E-Tabs Vizualz is here!

    This brand-new infographic plugin for PowerPoint helps you to easily produce knock-out reports with maximum impact, from minimum effort. E-Tabs Vizualz is the first of its kind –  the only data-driven infographic plugin for PowerPoint… read more
  • Spotlight on Dashboard Service

    This month we’re chatting to Sanford Busse, Associate Director of Data Visualization. What does the Dashboard Service team do, and what’s your role within it? The Dashboard Service team provides online dashboards that are bespoke… read more
  • Vizualz – Coming Soon

    E-Tabs Vizualz is a brand-new visualization plugin for PowerPoint that will ensure every market researcher can quickly and easily produce high-impact infographics and visual charting elements, without the need for a graphic designer. Vizualz is… read more
  • The E-Tabs Iris Dashboard Platform – Now in Beta Stage!

    E-Tabs have a rich insight reporting heritage – we’ve been providing market research with innovative data visualization solutions for over 25 years – and all of this knowledge and experience has been applied to the… read more
  • Spotlight on Consultancy

    This month we’re chatting with Russ Budden, Head of Consultancy. Tell us a bit about E-Tabs Consultancy and what you do? Russ Budden – Head Of Consultancy First and foremost, we are here to help.… read more
  • Relief from the Reporting Silly Season

    With the end of the year rapidly approaching, the rush to get projects completed and sent to clients by year-end is here. The extra pressure in this period does bring with it resourcing challenges and… read more
  • Spotlight on Bureau Reporting Service

    This month we’re chatting with Jon Hackenbroch, Head of the Bureau Reporting Service, about insight reporting and automation. Jon Hackenbroch – Head of Bureau Reporting Service Firstly, tell us a bit about the Bureau Reporting… read more
  • Missed Viz-Fest 2017?

    Earlier this month was the third annual Viz-Fest digital conference. David Glickman – All about icons With over two and a half thousand registrations, Viz-Fest is as popular as ever. The four-day webinar series on… read more
  • We Won the Oppies!

    We’re proud to announce our Dashboard Design Service won the award for ‘Best Support Services’ at the MRS Operations Awards, otherwise known as the Oppies. To be awarded as winners we demonstrated how our usability,… read more