• Quirk’s Events 2017

    We’re already looking forward to our first events of 2017 – The Quirks Event x 2! For the first time The Quirks Event will be held in both the East and the West Coast, and… read more
  • Virtual Reality, Actual Pain

    Just like the rest of the world market research is also getting excited about the possibilities of virtual reality. From online focus groups and web interviews, to virtual shopping, there are a number of ways it can be applied. However… read more
  • E-Tabs Learn to Cook!

    We recently had a day out of the office for a cooking workshop to celebrate all our success in 2016. We learnt to cook a delicious three course meal of sushi, spring rolls, duck pancakes, stir fry and two cakes.… read more
  • If 100 People Lived on Earth

    There are a lot of people on this Earth… Around 7.4 billion in fact. That’s pretty mind boggling! This video breaks down key statistics into numbers we can understand. Based on 100 people living on earth, it uses dataviz to… read more
  • 2016 Year Review

    It’s that time of year where we reflect on all the happenings of the year. And it’s been a busy and exciting year at E-Tabs! We’re continually striving to improve our software and this year was no exception. We released… read more
  • Music Animated

    A new way to enjoy classical music. We’ve previously talked about dataviz for the visually impaired; well now we’ve found an animation that may help the hearing impaired enjoy music. This video is an animated graphical score of the classical… read more
  • December Webinars

    Next month we’ve got the last of our webinars of 2016. Why not set aside just 15 minutes and see how we can make your life easier in 2017. Join one of our free webinars on a range of Market… read more
  • Viz-Fest 2016 Summary

    The festival of data visualization and communication of insight was back for 2016. After a highly successful first round last year, this year’s event didn’t disappoint with double the registrants! The week of webinars focused on a different topic around… read more
  • Research & Results 2016 Summary

    We were back in Munich this year for our third time at Research & Results. In between sampling pretzels and schnitzel we met lots of lovely people and chatted about data visualization, market research dashboards, charting and automated reporting. Our… read more
  • Data Viz Roadshow – USA

    This October and November we’re hitting the road with our truck full of data viz goodies and visiting offices across the east coast and mid-west of the US of A in what we’re calling our – Data Viz Roadshow! This… read more

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