• E-Tabs Dashboard Design Service Finalists for MRS Operations Award

    E-Tabs Dashboard Design Service has been announced as finalists for the 2017 MRS Operations Awards for ‘Best Support Services’. August 10, 2017 – London, UK – E-Tabs, providers of Market Research solutions for charting, automated… read more
  • Four Wise Owls

    For the third installment of our animal videos we have the owl. Owls are known for their wisdom, which is why our adorable E-Tabs owl represents knowledge. We’ve been innovating for the research industry since 1993, so have the knowledge… read more
  • Speak at Viz-Fest 2017

    Viz-Fest is back for a third year running. The four day online event of insight and visual communications returns this October and before registration goes live we are inviting you to present. We are looking for people who have something… read more
  • Macro In Limbo

    Report automation in market research can come in a number of different forms, with the use of macros being one of them. However there are a number of limitations that may not be always be considered. Having spoken to many… read more
  • E-Tabs Go Kayaking

    We recently had a day out the office to kayak the river Thames. Heading down from our E-Tabs headquarters on a lovely warm sunny day we kayaked down the Thames from Battersea to Rotherhithe. We took in all the sights… read more
  • The flexibility of the Octopus

    Following on from last month’s video on the speed of the cheetah, this month we’re featuring another of our data viz animals – the octopus. Our data viz octopus represents flexibility. As everyone knows an octopus is extremely flexible; with… read more
  • ICG Partnership

    Independent research consultants need to find efficiency in their research projects just as critically (or even more so) than traditional agencies. With super-tight project margins and timelines, every penny and every minute counts! Charting and reporting takes up considerable time… read more
  • Enterprise Release v7.0.1

    We’re continually striving to improve our software so we’ve made some important updates to improve the usability and efficiency of our report automation software Enterprise. The main updates have been to the data tag wizard. Below is some information on… read more
  • ‘Don’t be a DRIP’ (Data Rich, Insight Poor)

    Having attended a raft of conferences this year, I see countless presentations delivered where the theme is the need for market research to fight for its place at the ‘table’ and integrate itself more into an organization. However, little is… read more
  • Think You Can Outrun a Cheetah?

    A Cheetah is one of our dataviz animals so naturally we were drawn to this video. The video demonstrates the cheetah’s incredible speed. It’s the fastest land animal, reaching speeds of 75mph; hence why our dataviz cheetah represents speed. So… read more