• Coming soon: DV Blog

    We love data visualization, so we’re launching a new blog dedicated to all things data viz! Expect to see some great data visualization examples, such as Matt Daniels breakdown of hip-hop lyrics (click here to… read more
  • We’d like to GRAB your attention

    We were exhibiting at the Marketing Week Live show in London a couple of weeks ago and we really ‘grabbed’ people’s attention. Not just through our wonderful software and dashing staff but also with our claw-grabber game! We had a… read more
  • Data Viz Animals

    As part of our recent re-brand (and doesn’t it look lovely?!) we created some new characters. These characters symbolize everything E-Tabs including our products, services, support and culture. ‘Knowledge’, ‘Speed’, ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Flexibility’ are our core values and we think… read more
  • The Beauty of Data Visualization

    David McCandless is a British data-journalist, information designer and founder of the visual blog “Information Is Beautiful”. He has spoken at events and conferences all around the world about data visualization and information design and is considered a thought leader… read more
  • E-Tabs does Asia Pacific

    Here at E-Tabs we’re planning a grand tour of APAC this July and August. Calling at cities in South East Asia and Australia we’ll be showcasing the latest data visualization and reporting software coming out of London. The show, which… read more
  • Data-V vs Jay-Z

    Any data visualization that can combine Shakespeare, Moby Dick and Snoop Dog is OK in our book. And this data visualization does just that by looking at the vocabulary of current and past hip hop artists. It is the work… read more
  • Introducing Graphique 3.0

    Introducing Graphique 3.0 – the latest version of Graphique Have you ever tried to ‘find and replace’ within your PowerPoint charts only to discover it’s not possible? Well with Graphique 3.0 now you can! Graphique’s ‘Find & Replace’ can look… read more
  • Data visual humour

    The lighter side of charts The creative duo known as Wumo have created a cute series of charts that illustrate some of the basic painful truths of everyday life in the Western world. The visualizations are snide and sarcastic but,… read more
  • The new E-Tabs has arrived!

    After over 20 years in the industry we’re excited to launch the new E-Tabs! What’s the new E-Tabs, I hear you ask? Well it’s the same dedicated service but with some exciting new products & services, initiatives and a shiny-new… read more
  • A different type of Automation

    We do ‘Report Automation’ but we also like ‘Lego Automation’ –… read more