• When Great Gets Better – The New Enterprise Version

    The new Enterprise version. We’ve upgraded Enterprise, our multiple-award-winning report automation tool to make it even better! And with the huge amount of new clients signing up to quick, easy and accurate reporting recently, things… read more
  • 2014 Conference Summary

    We thoroughly enjoyed all the conferences we’ve exhibited at this year. We’ve been globetrotting from sunny Florida to the beautiful Nice and beer filled Munich to name but a few. It’s a hard life eh? It all started in May… read more
  • Tiny Worlds

    We try to keep our Video of the Month somewhere on topic but we just loved this one so much we’re not even going to try make it relevant… Called “Tiny Worlds”, it comes from the CG team at Rushes … read more
  • #MRXplained – The Alternate Market Research Glossary

    Market research can be a confusing industry at times but we’re here to untangle the day-to-day terms we face in the industry – in a light hearted way. We’re launching our Alternate Market Research Glossary which will gather together humours… read more
  • Follow Us – Win a Hoodie! Competition Extended!

    Win a hoodie! – Competition Extended! Our exclusive hoodies designed with the animals that represent our core values are proving to be highly desired.  We’ve been inundated with questions on how to get hold of our cute critter clothing. Since… read more
  • November Webinars

    Our November webinars… During October we featured a wonderful selection of reporting and data viz webinars which were so well received we decided to do it all over again! If you do any charting or reporting, either online or offline… read more
  • It’s our first time at Research & Results

    E-Tabs exhibit at Research & Results for the first time. Research & Results, the German market research conference has been steadily growing in size over the past few years.  So much so we decided it’s about time we went along… read more
  • The Market Research Event 2014 – Florida

    TMRE 2014 – Boca Raton, Florida So we’ve just about got over all the excitement from ESOMAR Congress in Nice and it’s time to look forward to The Market Research Event in Florida on the 20th – 22nd October! It’s… read more
  • Pick of the Critters – And the Winner is…

    Pick of the Critters Competition Winner We’re rather fond of our data viz animals which represent our core values. The owl represents knowledge, cheetah – speed, ant – simplicity and the octopus – flexibility. Last month we were feeling curious,… read more
  • Evolution of the Desk

    There was once a day when you planned a holiday with a map and guidebook…. Made a presentation with coloured paper, scissors and glue. Sent important documents via the melodic facsimile machine. But things have changed…. See this technological evolution … read more

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