• Visual Beauty in 5 Seconds Flat

    When five seconds of chaos equates to three and a half minutes of beauty. This is not the first time we’ve featured a music video in our Video of the Month and it probably won’t… read more
  • Graphique V4 Makes A Big Splash

    Last month we released the newest version of our instant charting tool for Market Research, E-Tabs Graphique Version 4 and the response we received was overwhelming. We held a series of webinars (eight in total!) to demonstrate the tool and… read more
  • CASRO Tech Summary

    This year’s CASRO Technology & Innovation Event was held in the home of the cheesesteak sandwich, Philadelphia. We very much enjoyed the conference this year, with a number of interesting papers and presentations. None more-so than the lively panel discussion… read more
  • Seabed Visual Art

    Not all visualizations need to be data driven…. Ever get bored of pie charts and doughnut charts? Trying to put more beauty into your visualizations? Well why not take a leaf out of this little guy’s book…. The pufferfish. As… read more
  • E-Tabs Release Next Generation Charting Tool

    E-Tabs Release Next Generation Charting Tool    E-Tabs have completed a major update of Graphique, the instant PowerPoint charting tool for Market Research. June 2, 2015 – London, UK – E-Tabs, the award winning provider of Market Research data visualization, charting… read more
  • Gravity & Space & Marbles

    If you’re a regular visitor to our pages, or a fan of our Video of the Month, you will know we’re quite partial to different kinds of visualizations. I guess you could call us viz geeks! And we’re doing nothing… read more
  • Insight 15 Summary

    Insight 15 came back to London this April. After a few years as part of Marketing Week Live, Insight 15 Europe’s leading event for insight professionals was once again its own show this April. The event was a huge success.… read more
  • MR Summit 15

    The Market Research Summit is back for its third year on the 19th & 20th of May in London. We’re looking forward to exhibiting for the first time, and not just for the iconic view of the Tower of London… read more
  • Visualize the Skies

    Have you ever looked up and saw a plane blazing through the sky, jet trail cutting a line of direction and thought “I wonder where that is going?” Well chances are it’s approaching or has just left an airport and… read more
  • Improve efficiency with E-Tabs

    We love a happy client here at E-Tabs, and we’re proud to say we have a lot of them! Recently we came across a couple of articles with great feedback on our instant charting software Graphique which made us gush… read more