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  1. Transforming Your Data

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    In a previous blog post we discussed the most effective ways to communicate using data visualization.

    The post discussed how effective data visualization needs to be both visually appealing and communicate the information clearly. We also talked about what did and didn’t ‘work’ using examples.

    On that note, we found this colourful example (excuse the pun!) of Crayola colours through the ages! The way the data is displayed can make all the difference as this Crayola chart demonstrates.

    The team at Data Pointed created a colour chart of Crayola colours through time and released it onto the world, only to later discover the data could be visualized better.

    In the original design the colours got squished in the square design making it hard to understand. So they went about redesigning their creation to make a beautiful clear radial chart.  See the transformation here.

  2. Where in the World…

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    … is your native language spoken?

    This is an interesting graphic showing the distribution of the world’s most spoken languages.

    There are thousands of languages in the world today, over 7,100 in fact.  However most of them aren’t spoken by many people.  Only 23 of these languages are spoken by over 50 million people.

    This dataviz created by Alberto Lucas Lopéz based on data from Ethnologue shows these top 23 languages relative to the number of native speakers.  The colours indicate the regions the language is spoken in.

    Fascinating to note that India has 6 main languages!

    Check it out here.

  3. Not All Infographics Were Created Equal

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    As you’ve probably realised we love a good infographic, who doesn’t?

    The amount of infographics springing up is considerable. They’re everywhere! On almost any subject. We recently discussed why infographics are so popular in our previous blog post.

    However not all infographics were created equally.

    As with all forms of data visualization, infographics can be created to purposely manipulate results and produce misleading findings.

    Some infographics, though, are accidentally misleading. This collection by io9 shows 11 infographics that are completely misleading or even useless.

    Check it out here.

  4. Why Are Infographics so Popular? (In an Infographic)

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    Here at E-Tabs we can’t get enough of infographics, and it seems like we aren’t the only ones.

    Infographics are now everywhere, on almost any topic from politics to Pancake Day, and new ones are being created daily. We’re always posting infographics we like or think are interesting in our blog and on our Twitter page.

    They’re a great way of communicating a lot of information quickly and visually. But what makes them so popular?

    Agency NeoMam Studios studied the science behind why our brains crave infographics and how we process visual information, and what better way to communicate their findings than in an infographic! View it here.

  5. Shifting National Priorities

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    The annual US presidential State of the Union address is typically a reflection of wider national priorities.

    This past Tuesday was no exception.  This is an interesting series of charts looking at the number of words devoted to subjects in the president’s SOTU speech going back to Obama’s first address to a joint session of the US congress in 2009.

  6. London in 6 Amazing Infographics!

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    London is not just the headquarters of data viz and reporting firm E-Tabs but also home to some eight million people.

    And eight million people generate a lot of data – data which can be turned into beautiful visualizations. And that is exactly what James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti have done for their upcoming book, ‘The Information Capital’. They look at aspects in the UK capital such as health, marital status, housing prices and crime and create beautiful and informative infographics. See a few of those here via the blog of the great entertainment magazine, “Time Out London”.

    6 very cool infographics – By James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti via “Time Out London”.

  7. The Running of the Bulls

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    I am in no way in favour of this event, but it is a truly beautiful Infographic.

    It is packed full of information about the event but rather than being a simple narrative with a couple of pictures, they have cleverly used maps, iconography, charts and snippets of text all beautifully arranged to tell the story without looking cluttered.

    You can see the infographic here via the guys at InfographicBox



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