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  • 10 Rules to Improve Your Presentations

    A lot of common-sense here but we often forget.  You may even find some points somewhat controversial, I mean, no bullet points?  Really? You can see the infographic here via the guys at Pinfographics.  … read more
  • London in 6 Amazing Infographics!

    London is not just the headquarters of data viz and reporting firm E-Tabs but also home to some eight million people. And eight million people generate a lot of data – data which can be… read more
  • Napoleon was short? Are you sure?

    This myth and many others like it are explored in infographic poster form. ‘Common Myth Conceptions’ are represented in this fun infographic we found, developed by David McCandless at Information is Beautiful. Perhaps just as… read more
  • Coffee by Infographic

    From the coffee grove to your home, the entire lifecycle of coffee as described by an infographic! This is a unique representation I felt compelled to share due to the fact that there is interactivity… read more
  • The History of Data Breaches

    A stunning visual representation of the world’s biggest data breaches in recent history.  This example also mixes in good use of external content and navigation. See The World’s Biggest Data Breaches here via Information is… read more
  • Mortality in DV

    Morbid but fascinating scatter chart of distribution of 20th century human mortality – 20th Century Human Mortality here via Information is Beautiful.net   … read more
  • The Running of the Bulls

    I am in no way in favour of this event, but it is a truly beautiful Infographic. It is packed full of information about the event but rather than being a simple narrative with a… read more
  • BIG Data

    You see the term everywhere now:  “BIG DATA”. If you have even tangential dealings with data, the term is ubiquitous.  That lead us to wonder, what’s the best definition of “big data”?  If you can’t… read more
  • Multivariate Beer

    As a sort of follow-up to our post a couple weeks ago about data cuisine (and seeing as how it’s round about Oktoberfest time), this one really caught our eye! Some of us on the… read more
  • Liam’s Travel Companion

    Just when you thought you might be safe from Liam Neeson! Here is some insight into Liam’s more popular visits.  Personally, I would stay away from Paris, France if at all possible. View the Liam… read more