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  • Transforming Your Data

    In a previous blog post we discussed the most effective ways to communicate using data visualization. The post discussed how effective data visualization needs to be both visually appealing and communicate the information clearly. We… read more
  • Where in the World…

    … is your native language spoken? This is an interesting graphic showing the distribution of the world’s most spoken languages. There are thousands of languages in the world today, over 7,100 in fact.  However most… read more
  • Dear PowerPoint,

    PowerPoint often gets a lot of criticism but who is to blame for poor presentations? Chris Donaldson from Kantar Health has some interesting points about the use of the Microsoft charting workhorse in market research.… read more
  • Not All Infographics Were Created Equal

    As you’ve probably realised we love a good infographic, who doesn’t? The amount of infographics springing up is considerable. They’re everywhere! On almost any subject. We recently discussed why infographics are so popular in our… read more
  • Live Visualize

    Data visualization as we all know is a way of presenting data in an easily digestible way. But it usually exists in its own realm; in a spreadsheet, as part of a dashboard, in an… read more
  • Why Are Infographics so Popular? (In an Infographic)

    Here at E-Tabs we can’t get enough of infographics, and it seems like we aren’t the only ones. Infographics are now everywhere, on almost any topic from politics to Pancake Day, and new ones are… read more
  • Shifting National Priorities

    The annual US presidential State of the Union address is typically a reflection of wider national priorities. This past Tuesday was no exception.  This is an interesting series of charts looking at the number of… read more
  • Choosing the Right Chart

    Which chart should I use??? When faced with the task of turning numbers into charts you have a lot of options to choose from, but which chart type is the best for displaying your data?… read more
  • Define “Better”, Part Deux

    Previously we looked at dataviz examples comparing designs which may or may not work well. These examples are a little more straightforward; in fact, a couple of them are downright wrong… Example 1: Choice A… read more
  • Define “Better”…

    In the visual realm, what people “like” is by definition subjective. What “works” and what doesn’t in the context of dataviz design, however, is usually something one can determine a little more easily.  Effective data… read more