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  • Big Bang Data

    Late one chilly Friday morning we ventured out to take a look at this exhibition. The title and its accompanying strapline, “The datafication of our world and how data affects everyone”, had caught the eye… read more
  • ASC Conference Review – Tackling Data Overload

    We recently attended a conference, ‘Tackling data overload: Making sense of complex multi-source data’ run by the ASC (Association for Survey Computing). It was a great day with seven expert speakers, from companies including The… read more
  • New York 1866 vs Now

    Compare 1866 New York to now with this interactive map. New York has come a long way in almost 150 years. It’s hard to imagine the city as anything other than a concrete jungle, but… read more
  • Enterprise Infographic

      We love a good infographic here at E-Tabs. So much so that we decided to create our own!  Our interactive infographic explores our report automation software Enterprise. We looked at our total number of… read more
  • The true size of continents

    This may boggle your mind but continents aren’t the size you think they are… All maps are distorted to try and represent the globe in two-dimensions, however this means continents aren’t always accurately depicted. The… read more
  • Old Dataviz

    Dataviz isn’t as new as you’d think… Data visualization is all the rage in today’s society. They’re a great way of communicating a lot of information quickly and visually as discussed in a previous post.… read more
  • This Dataviz proves ‘No Diggity’ is a timeless classic.

    At E-Tabs we love Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’. Twenty years have passed since its release but it certainly hasn’t been forgotten. We always thought it was a timeless classic, but now we’ve found the data to… read more
  • Announcing Viz-Fest 2015

    As you know here at E-Tabs we love all things dataviz. Which is why we’re very excited to be supporting Viz-Fest this October, along with Keen As Mustard Marketing. The very first event of its… read more
  • Transforming Your Data

    In a previous blog post we discussed the most effective ways to communicate using data visualization. The post discussed how effective data visualization needs to be both visually appealing and communicate the information clearly. We… read more
  • Where in the world…

    … is your native language spoken? This is an interesting graphic showing the distribution of the world’s most spoken languages. There are thousands of languages in the world today, over 7,100 in fact.  However most… read more