Big Bang Data

Late one chilly Friday morning we ventured out to take a look at this exhibition.

The title and its accompanying strapline, “The datafication of our world and how data affects everyone”, had caught the eye a week or so earlier so we decided to give it a go and were not disappointed.

The exhibition is deep in the bowels of Somerset House and  although it is not very big, it is packed full of  intriguing nuggets  of information about data past and  present.

Somerset House

Somerset House


They have things like the 5 1/4 inch floppy disk on display. floppy_disc__850x886 If you remember using those then you are probably as old as me.  There’s plenty there to make you feel nostalgic but at the same time plenty of thought provoking displays too.

Data is being created at an incredible rate through a variety of everyday sources such as email, shopping transactions, selfies, internet searches and countless apps.  Technology allows organisations to make use of that data in all kinds of ways, but how ethical is this?

Ever wondered how much data about you is stored on your mobile phone?  One artist hacked his phone and discovered a wealth of location data that was being collected without his knowledge; revealing journeys he couldn’t even recall making.  Even more serious is a display about Government online surveillance and the Edward Snowdon incident.

Here you will discover everything from the geo-location of cats through selfies to the location of data bunkers in London via markings on the pavement.

So if you can, please do go and we’re sure you will be as fascinated as we were.


Big Bang Data
Somerset House, London (until 20 Mar)



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